lördag 5 april 2008

Wood Board 1

Starting a new board using Abachi veneers 1,5mm thick in the core.
2 longitudinal layers and 2 45degree layers in the middle. I plan on putting a final top and bottom layer of Western Red Cedar as a cosmetic finish. Then a thin glassfiber laminate.

I´m starting by using a board form i already have. Massive concave and a moderate and constant rocker. Its a Ocean Rodeo knock-off and i have a Mako 150x34 that is my favorite board.

Previously i made a shorter and narrow version to see if it would be better in high winds- but the OR Mako is till better and more forgiving in high winds and chop.

This time i´ll be making a wider version to see if it will have better lowend and still work in the high end. The Mako Wide 150x40 has had so many positive reviews, so its worth a try.

Mostly i enjoy the building process, its not an economical exercise.

This fist pic shows how i have the first layer which will be the bottom. I have "fit" the edge of the veneer.

You can see that there is a gap at the ends due to the curvature of the board. This is why it necessary to fit the edges.Its very simple to sand the edge to fit.
The 45 degree layers are easy to fit.
The 2nd 45 degree layer
The last layer

Next step is to glue it all together by vacuum bagging it all to the form with a one-sided V-bag.

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