fredag 21 december 2007

Board out of the bag

This is the board straight out of the bag with the materials stripped off.

When laminating the board- as each side was done, cut the excess glass off and leave a bit as seen here
The vacuum is very effective- The glass is pressed into very tight contours.

Just use a sharp knife to cut off the excess. The epoxy is not too hard 24 hrs later (17C i cellar) but after a week it is really hard.

If possible it is best to "bake" the board in the V-bag after 24 hrs have passed. Depending on the epoxy, but a 50c temp for 12hrs will increase the chemical cross linking and make the board 20-30% stiffer and stronger and will stand higher temperatures- such as being in a hot car or in the sun in hot climates.

Several ways to do this- make an oven from Frigolit and use a car-heater, use infrared heat and blankets. Most methods have fire risks for the home builder.....

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