måndag 10 mars 2008

Finishing the board

At this stage i have sanded the raw laminate lightly and then painted a surfacing primer onto each side with a foam roller.

I use SP Systems Hi-Build 302. Supplier is DIAB in Halmstad. I buy a 5-6 liter can- it costs a lot, forgot how much, but it covers about 10 boards.

It´s nasty stuff. Dangerous solvents.

But it gives a good finish if you put in the work. On this board i only coated and sanded once- too lazy on this experiment. Sanding is with 80 grit, then down to 180 grit.

If you want a good finish, you will need to re-coat at this stage and sand it all again ending with 220 grit. Its a hell of a job and a workout. I don´t use a machine because the dust is insane- if you have a dedicated dust shop, a machine will make quicker work.

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