måndag 28 maj 2007

Finalizing the Template

Once the paper drawing is glued to the hardboard, cut just outside the line, save about 3mm. Being accurate here saves work later.

The cut looks like this. If you want a cleaner cut, you can saw from the underside.
This is the rough sawn template.
I have a homemade belt sander. It is a B&D belt sander with a sanding plate attachment (included in sander set). The sanding plate attachement is clamped in a B&D Workmate. A 19mm MDF sheet is screwed to one side of the Workmate as a table. Using 60 grit sanding belt, i sand carefully down to the line. I stop several times and sand off the paper excess.

I use this drywall sanding block with 80 grit paper a lot. A great tool.
I sand the edge carefully to take off the excess paper so i don´t remove the outline.

I sand the last 0,5mm by hand with the sanding block. This is the finished template.

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