måndag 28 maj 2007

Preparing the Blank Part 1

Make sure your foam sheet is large enough. Cut off any excess with a knife.
I´m using Divinycell H80 15mm thick which i buy from DIAB in Halmstad. U usally buy 2-3 122x244cm sheets at a time.

Tape the template down onto the foam sheet with regular double-stick carpet tape.
I set the router depth to 4mm. The edge will be this thickness + laminate thickness.
Before i made my template, I measured that the router bit edge was 80mm from the edge of the router plate. By first drawing the true outline in CAD, then offsetting the line inward by 80mm, this created the template outline.

By following the template carefully with the router it makes a nice groove, with the true outline.

The groove is routed, the template is still on the foam.

Now you can see the true outline on the foam sheet. A nice elliptical shape 130x 50,5.

Next step is to fill the groove with epoxy.

Stay tuned.

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