fredag 25 maj 2007

Today i started a new board. It will be a lightwind twintip skimboard 130x50cm with deep concave.
This is the form i will use to vacuum bag the board. The form gives the 25mm concave and 25mm rocker.

My first step is to make a template. Here I have glued the full size print out of the outline onto 3mm hardboard. Actually it is the outline minus 80mm.

This because i am going to use the template to route an edge groove, described below, using a router that has a bit edge that is 80mm from the the edge of the router plate. Here I am showing how i will place the router when the template has been trimmed, sanded fair, and taped to the Foam sheet.

This will give me a groove in the foam that is 3mm deep and has the exact shape of the final board.

More to follow.

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