lördag 19 maj 2007

First Step to building your own board

The first step is to build a so-called "template". This is what defines your boards final outline and it is very important to make it perfectly symetrical and fair.

I suggest that you first draw your board outline on a computer program such as Adobe Illustrator and try to find someone to print it out in full size on paper.

If this is not possible, you can draw it out using old kiteboards, string and nails as big compasses, plates and any other objects that work. If u draw only one half with a centerline down the longitudinal center, it will be symetrical. Rolls of wallpaper are nice and thick to use as paper.

Once you have a paper copy of your board outline. You can glue it to a 3-4m MDF or hardboard sheet that is overtsize. Use contact cement (kontakt lim) and brush it down on the paper and hardbaord as per instructions on can. Glue it down nice and even on the smooth side of the hardboard.

Using an electric jigsaw (sticksåg) carefully cut about 2 mm outside the board outline. Be careful to not destroy the paper.

Using a rough file, a rasp, file down close to the line. It is important to clamp the template to a work table, hanging over the edge, and work with long strokes, checking you progress often, to make a fair shape. As you get close to the line, 0,5mm, you can use 80 grit sand paper on a sanding block to sand down to the line.

I do the long edges first, then the tips and transition to the long edges last.

Now you should have a perfect template.

If you have not done this before, you may need to make several until it is correct, so buy extra material. This is the most important step of your board building, so it needs to be right.

If you go to the building supply store, ask them to cut the hardboard into "blanks" that are slightly larger than your board and it will be easier to handle.

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